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Essential Foods for YOUR Beautiful Skin!

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SD Nutrition Advice

What to eat for glowing skin?

It’s possible to influence your skin and hair appearance simply by choosing specific foods. It’s important to eat whole foods because they contain numerous nutrients, phytochemicals and enzymes that work synergistically to keep you healthy at all times. Here are our SD must-eats to help you get your glow on.


They are a good source of biotin, vitamins A, D and E and omega-9 fatty acids to prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails.


They are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene to help slow down cellular damage from free radicals.


It contains astaxanthin that significantly improves skin elasticity, so you'll have fewer fine lines.


They’re a great source of dietary zinc, which is monumentally important for the growth and function of skin cells. They WILL DO WONDERS for your skin, hair, and nails.


This is a complete source of protein that helps to repair cells that have suffered free radical damage. Also, it contains biotin, an essential vitamin, that protects against dry skin.


It is an antioxidant-rich fruit which may help skin create more collagen to enhance the healing process of your body.


It is high in vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain to aid in cell and tissue repair, giving you a youthful appearance.


The water from coconuts is a great natural hydration aid and contains potassium, an electrolyte that helps move nutrients into our cells. Coconut oil, which is high in healthy fats, vitamins E and K and minerals, is one of the best natural nutrients for your hair, boosting growth and shine by moisturizing the scalp. 


They are a rich source of Omega-3s, which help to make your skin smoother and younger looking.


This is another protein source that helps to speed the repair and regeneration of skin cells and collagen.


These seeds are made up of 30 percent pure protein and a full range of amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to maintain your skin’s structure. You can significantly improve the symptoms of skin dryness and itching by consuming one to two tablespoons of hemp seed oil a day for 20 weeks.


They have high amounts of zinc, biotin, magnesium, and fiber. YOU SHOULD EAT MORE OATS EVERY MORNING!