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Fat busting. Sculpt your face and body to perfection!

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Oct 06, 2015

The fact is – two chins are NOT better than one and NOBODY loves love handles. Yet it may seem as if all the exercise and dieting in the world still isn’t enough to completely eradicate that second chin or droopy neck or those saddlebags or love handles. Now, a new approach by Dr. Danovich, called JuVaShape™, instantly and permanently breaks down stubborn fat deposits – sculpting and refining face and body and leaving skin smooth, toned and taut. There is no downtime, and minimal pain, and after a series of four to six treatments over the course of two-to-three months, you’ll see significant and permanent results!

Using radio frequency technology to deliver concentrated thermal energy to the targeted areas, JuVaShape™ refreshes, revitalizes and renews body and face. The device incorporates a dual system of polarities – unipolar, which penetrates deeply to the source of fat cells, dissolving them instantly; and bipolar, which concentrates on smoothing the skin’s surface.

JuVaShape is very unique,” affirms Dr. Danovich. “With this device, we are able to first break down fat cells, which then stimulates the lymphatic system to expel the released cells. At the same time, surface skin tightening is stimulated, leading to improved texture overall. Our treatments are customizable and we offer the highest and most focused radio frequency in the industry.”

JuVaShape™ is extremely versatile, ideal for sculpting and refining many “stubborn” areas of your face and body, including:

  • Chin and jawline.
  • Neck.
  • Arms.
  • Abdomen.
  • Love handles.
  • Thighs.
  • Calves.
  • Ankles.

Dr. Danovich’s “full disclosure” approach to all of her procedures applies to JuVaShape™ as well. JuVaShape is very unique,” she explains, “but it’s meant for very specific situations. If a patient really needs a facelift for example, JuVaShape will not help. It will, however, help to maintain the facelift in subsequent years. So we discuss the treatment with each patient and we’re very honest and forthright. If there’s any doubt, I will offer two trial sessions. If JuVaShape isn’t the correct approach, we can switch to something more effective.”

To “boost” the effectiveness of her JuVaShape™ treatments, Dr. Danovich follows each treatment with her signature Therapy Boost. This technique uses the patient’s own refined blood to produce organic healing serum that is injected into JuvaShape treatment site to increase the production of new blood cells and collagen. This speeds up the healing process and refines the results even further.

JuVaShape™ is just one of the tools that Dr. Danovich and her team have to create a customized plan for achieving every patient’s individual beauty goals. As with all of her techniques, it’s part of a “whole person” approach that focuses not only on esthetics, but on overall health and well-being!