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May 31, 2019

What is the JetPeel™ PRP Hair Treatment?

The JetPeel™ PRP Hair Treatment is a hair restoration treatment that utilizes an enhanced PRP delivery system. A specially designed JetPeel™ hand piece is used, eliminating the use of needles.

How does it differ from traditional PRP Hair Treatments?

The same process is used for drawing blood and obtaining Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) via centrifugation. Typical PRP treatments are performed by rubbing the plasma onto the skin and using a syringe to inject the plasma into the scalp. This requires numbing of the skin, can be quite painful to the sensitive skin of the scalp, and requires downtime. JetPeel™ PRP treatments utilize a uniquely designed single use handpiece allowing for painless infusion of PRP, up to 4.5mm deep, with no downtime, no pain or discomfort, and no needles!

What is the recommended protocol for this treatment?

Two days before the first JetPeel™ PRP Treatment, the patient will receive a scalp cleansing and Vitamin B application to prepare the scalp for treatment.  A second JetPeel™ PRP Hair Treatment will be performed one week after the first treatment. The next treatment will be one month after that. JetPeel™ PRP Hair Treatments will subsequently be performed every other month for one year. Since treatments are cumulative, following this program will ensure the most optimal results.

What is the cost of the JetPeel™ PRP Hair Treatment?

The cost of the JetPeel™ PRP Hair Treatment starts at $1,500. The total cost will depend on how extensive the treatment area is.