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May 20, 2016
Brides Look Best with B.O.O.S.T.

The modern bride’s wedding plan for cosmetic aesthetics and looking great in that dress! This isn’t about “something old” or “something borrowed” it is about something New! Brides used have simple choices like dieting or perhaps a facial regimen before the big day. No longer! Brides are signing up for the latest pre wedding organic body boosts and anti-aging treatments in New York City provided by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Svetlana Danovich!

From a bride’s bust to her butt, the options to contour the modern wedding dress are endless! Oh and let’s not forget the face! Whole Body Organic Rejuvenation for brides is a uniquely modern and complete approach to look youthful and radiant on your big day! Advanced organic procedures without surgery or side effects are all a part of Dr. Danovich’s organic tool belt to get the bride ready for her walk down the aisle.

Dr. Svetlana Danovich introduces B.O.O.S.T. for Brides. This therapy utilizes Organic Healing Serum, which is derived from a woman’s own blood. It stimulates the production of collagen, activates dermal connective tissues and fat cells plus increases the production of new blood cells. In short, it turns back the cellular clock on aging skin! This approach has been used successfully for years within the sports medicine and wound care arenas for healing the body.

Organic healing serum is a powerful “cocktail” with a variety of growth factors and cytokines, which stimulates tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis and angiogenesis. Training and knowledge is critical in providing the various applications of organic healing serum for women,” says Dr. Danovich, a talented surgeon who has been trained in the organic healing serum procedures by the inventor, Dr. Charles Runels. Many doctors are offering these treatments because the results are so fantastic and don’t require surgery, however, it is important to find a qualified doctor who has the appropriate training for the optimal results. A bride wants guaranteed success on her big day!

Platelet concentration determines the efficacy of the organic healing serum treatment and in order to achieve that, Dr. Danovich says, “you need to follow five critical steps to phenomenal feminine results”:

  • Pretreatment preparation.
  • Separation of organic healing serum by using special filters and a certain centrifuge speed and power.
  • Activation of the platelets by using recommended stimulus which results in a differentiated growth factor release from the platelets themselves.
  • Organic healing serum technique with precise injection depth using specific needle size.
  • Post treatment care to maximize results utilizing vitamin supplements and prescribed skin regimen.

A Bridal B.O.O.S.T. for the faceThe B.O.O.S.T. facelift is the natural way to rejuvenate the face before a wedding without the use of surgery all while achieving dramatic results are natural and pain free. This is the invaluable B.O.O.S.T. approach for the bride’s face on her wedding day that lasts beyond the honeymoon.

Not only does the B.O.O.S.T. facelift provide a healthy glow it also:

  • Improves a brides skin texture.
  • Provides immediate volume.
  • Improves a brides skin quality so that photo investment really pays off.
  • Gives skin a special glow for the big day.

It is recommended that in conjunction with a B.O.O.S.T. Facelift, fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm be used for divine perfection. A small needle is then injected into the areas of concern around the face. Micro-needling is then applied so the patient’s body can continue its natural absorption of organic healing serum. There are no allergic reactions because a person’s own body’s fluids are used. Brides are encouraged to repeat the treatment in 12-18 months to keep that glow going.

5 reasons why the Danovich Bridal Booty Boost is unique.

  1. The organic healing serum factor. Dr. Danovich uses organic healing serum extensively in her Booty Boost. Dr. Danovich employs organic healing serum prior to the fat transfer step in her derriere enhancements in order to stimulate blood vessel re-genesis and nourish tissue, and again afterward to optimize fat absorption.
  2. Delicate fat extraction technique. To gather the fat cells that are injected into the buttocks, Dr. Danovich uses a refined liposuction technique, which employs a micro-sized cannula set at a low speed. This approach inflicts fewer traumas to the individual fat cells, making them more robust for injection. It’s also more comfortable overall for the patient.
  3. State of the art centrifuge and filtration system. Once the fat is extracted from the patient, it is inserted into a centrifuge, where it is filtered to prepare it for injection into the targeted sites. Dr. Danovich’s state-of-the-art filtration system selects and singles out only the most viable fat cells, ensuring maximum retention and success.
  4. Natural healing. Brides care and comfort are of the utmost importance with this procedure – as they are with any service provided by Dr. Danovich. Her holistic approach includes an in-depth consultation to pinpoint each patient’s desired results; a pre-treatment regimen of arnica, bromide and pineapple to reduce bruising and speed healing; a luxurious, spa-like environment and a highly-trained, nurturing staff, led by Dr. Danovich herself.
  5. Artistry. Like any cosmetic procedure, the Booty Boost requires a high level of artistry. Dr. Danovich brings her sophisticated aesthetic, artistic eye and skilled hands to every Booty Boost patient, along with her understanding of the optimal injection strategy and her keen eye for proportion and balance from every angle. The result? Uplifted, rounded, curvy and truly enviable results that bling any bridal gown or honeymoon bikini!

Bridal B.O.O.S.T Breast Lift® procedure. Dr. Danovich evaluates shape and where it can be enhanced to create a younger, more attractive appearance. The patient drinks a special Green Tea loaded with antioxidants that helps the body with healing during this time.

First, Dr. Danovich injects the B.O.O.S.T. into the bride’s bosom. Micro-needling is then applied to the area so the body can continue its natural absorption of organic healing serum. Using numbing cream and a very small needle (for almost no pain), Dr. Danovich injects the bride's own growth factors back into her breast using a proportional method. These growth factors work like magic to cause increased collagen and new blood flow. To rejuvenate new skin, these growth factors must be put back into the breast to see instant results. There are no allergic reactions because the bride’s own body’s fluids are used. Expect serious results from B.O.O.S.T.

  • The procedure adds volume and stops breasts from becoming collapsed and droopy.
  • It adds that rosy glow.
  • It makes crinkly skin around the cleavage smoother.

The treatment, which starts at $1,500, isn't a replacement for implants and won't double a bride’s cup size overnight, but it will reshape and round out her bust. The whole procedure only takes about 15 minutes and hurts about as much as having blood drawn or getting any other cosmetic injectable (imagine a slight stinging, burning sensation). There's also no down time and full results take about two months but a difference is noticeable within a few days. Brides are encouraged to repeat the treatment in 4 months and then every 18 months.

After undergoing the breast lift, brides can expect their breasts to appear perkier and rounder; any scars or stretch marks should be less visible, and nipples may be more sensitive. Clearly, this is not meant to take the place of a surgical enlargement. Instead, it's simply to make one's breasts better aesthetically and feel confident in any of the latest bridal fashions!

Dr. Danovich believes every bride comes to her with unique needs, unique desires and unique dreams. It’s never about “one technique fits all”. That’s why we spend a great deal of time simply listening – getting to know and understand the patient before proposing a treatment. Dr. Danovich brings her sophisticated aesthetic, artistic eye and skilled hands to every patient, along with her understanding of the optimal strategy and her keen eye for proportion and balance from every angle. “It’s not only about the organic enhancement you can now achieve. It’s about freeing your mind from constraints and insecurities, allowing your inner beauty to shine through to look and feel her very best on the big day.”