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Nov 23, 2016
Do Fillers Actually Make You Look Older?

I came across this article where the author heavily criticizes young women who are fighting the aging process “too hard, too early—and, as a result, looking older, younger?” Of course, “WE'RE LIVING IN A WORLD OF IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!” “Women barely past college age have begun to come in with a laundry list. They want these cheekbones. They want those lips. That chin.” I think nothing is wrong with this. Young girls are under the influence of the media, celebrity fever, and cultural shift. It’s totally understandable! But what is truly embarrassing is that providers (cosmetic/plastic surgeons, dermatologists, NP, PA etc.) take this “laundry list” and start injecting irresponsibly.

The author is wondering “are these toxins and fillers actually doing the opposite of what their users hope, and making young women look years older? What is the long game for a woman who started customizing her features in her twenties? What will "youthful" look like in her forties and beyond?”

I would like to clarify a few things. The toxins and fillers are not going to make young women look older if it is done in a very subtle and artistic way, tailoring to this particular age group. Everyone can inject, but not everyone is an artist! That is why we see a lot of “bad work”, and then try to blame immaturity for the devastating outcome. In actuality, what has been created is the result of some undertrained, untalented providers who possess a distorted perception of beauty and are money hungry. Our role as doctors and providers is to sit down with patients or clients and discuss/educate them, teaching them what is right and what is wrong. In order to get from point A to point B, we must provide immediate gratification in the most elegant and artistic way possible! If we all have this approach, then every woman, in every age group will look their best. It’s never too early or too late to look beautiful! The long range plan for a woman, who starts customizing her feature in her twenties, is to continue restoring the golden triangle ratio, sculpting and enhancing her appearance relative to her age group. Everyone should feel and look their best and we, as providers, should always deliver excellent results. At the end of the day, we are responsible for this “overfilled, over botoxed, not age appropriate look” of our patients. It is not because someone’s brain is not mature (I am talking about young women), it is because the cosmetic (injectable) field is not mature, not standardized, and contains a lot of amateur providers. 

I completely agree with the author when he says, “At 18, they can make a decision for themselves without the influence of other people. That doesn't mean that they make the right decision.” We as providers are here to guide them in the right direction so that they have the knowledge to make the right decision. We need to take the time to conduct a thorough consultation, to establish a trusting relationship, and to truly understand what our customers’ concerns and desires are. We can then apply our artistic techniques to enhance the golden triangle ratio! You must have a skilled eye, especially working with young woman! This is a fine art, do it right or do not do it at all! Can you blame young women for trying to get rid of the bare hint of a line, for not having the desire to get any wrinkles or any lines on their face? “That big a cultural shift can't, and shouldn't, be blamed on a single family, even a very well-documented one”. The increase of digitized interaction of the internet and social media, has allowed us to feel confident in our process and sensibility. With a thoughtful exchange of experience, both good and bad, we have been afforded a new outlet for research, understanding, and compassion to take place. This marks a time where it is our obligation to start thinking about the quality of life we deserve.

“What will ‘youthful’ look like in her forties and beyond?” This question is the most thoughtful and has not been answered yet.

In reality, there should be a certain level of quality in everything we do, because nothing is exempt from the effects of time. I started thinking about the necessity of what I call “Organic Rejuvenation.” This is a modern, yet stabilized way of both improving and preserving the body while maintaining a level of comfort that will last forever. Looking and feeling younger, are valuable objectives that start from within. This fact points us towards an internalized mode of systemized thinking and practice that utilizes the organic resources of our own bodies. By combining these resources, which includes fat, revitalizing cells, and organic healing serum derived from your own body, the goal of looking fresher, younger, and most importantly natural, becomes attainable. Immunologically compatible entities such as these combat the use of foreign substances and work together to create long lasting results without risk of infection. 

The goal is to treat our imperfections with resources and practices that are easily accepted by our bodies, as opposed to using harsh alternatives that will jeopardize the natural look and function of our physicality. With a comprehensive attitude, we can maintain the beauty of our most important features, such as the face, neck, décolleté lines, hands, and hair. We can even significantly improve our sexual wellbeing starting from a very young age and stay young forever in the most organic way possible. This approach is time consuming and requires a high level of artistry and a keen eye for detail.

There is always room for improvement! The goal is to find the right provider who has true aesthetic vision, great skills, knowledge and compassion in what she or he does in this cluttered world of cosmetic practices. Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. Nothing is wrong with having fillers in your lips and cheeks if it is done with divine artistry to enhance your beauty and make it timeless!

Svetlana M Danovich MD