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SD Professional Opinion

It's not length, it's not length, it's not length.

SD Professional Opinion on “Only One Thing Matters About Penises When It Comes to One-Night Stands” by Mark Shrayber Jun 7, 2014

I just came across this AMAZING Article in Cosmopolitan that clearly clarifies that “women don't care about penis length when it comes to one-night stands. What they care about is girth”. Therefore, if you are shy about your penis size, I am telling you that you’re going to be just fine because “a penis with larger girth may also bring the clitoris closer to the vagina during sex, which has been suggested to help with achieving orgasm”.

The ONLY way to enhance and rejuvenate your girth in the most natural way possible is P-Shot® to increase sexual stamina with longer, firmer and more sustainable erections.

Numerous patients after P-Shot® keep telling us: “My penis feels full, gets hard quicker, and stays hard longer.” It gives tremendous confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom! 

I cannot agree more with a new and truly revolutionized concept: “Hey baby, you know how long my penis is? Science says it doesn't really matter.”