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SD Professional Opinion

SD Professional Opinion on “Can a laser improve your sex life?” Painless new treatments for your most intimate body part could reboot life between the sheets. Katie Becker investigates.

by Katie Becker Oct 28, 2015 Photo by Kristian Schuller.

This article is absolutely AMAZING! More and more women are inquiring about services that can give them results of “a younger, healthier, more effortlessly orgasming vagina”. Within the past three years, “no fewer than four new non-invasive treatments have launched in the U.S. claiming to revitalize one's vagina using energies like radio frequency (ThermiVa), erbium:YAG (IntimaLase), or fractional CO2 (FemiLift, MonaLisa Touch) to stimulate collagen production and better blood flow” in order for women to feel a “wetter, tighter, and more ‘elastic’ vagina”. I cannot agree more with Dr. Carolyn DeLucia on the fact that “the increased collagen leads to more friction during intercourse, and with more blood vessels in the area, there is an increased sensitivity that heightens the intensity of orgasms”.

You can enjoy immediate benefits from these treatments with continued improvements in the months to follow. 

Women who suffer “from laxity due to aging, childbirth, and/or ‘vaginal atrophy’, a term for severe dryness and stiffness during menopause due to precipitous drop in estrogen” can greatly benefit from the vaginal tightening/revitalizing treatments that result in EFFECTIVE, PAINLESS, and NON-INVASIVE vaginal rejuvenation.

You want to be one of those patients who can happily say after experiencing the results of their treatment: “It felt like I was in my 20s! I regained sensations down there that I forgot I ever had. The difference after the treatment was like night and day. Immediately, I was more lubricated, having sex was a lot easier without having to do as much, and both my husband and I were very happy!”

I would say that these new non-invasive treatments for optimizing your healthy sexual wellbeing are a life-changing experience for ALL WOMEN and EVERY SINGLE FAMILY!