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Women’s sexual function and response have become a focus points for both science and the entertainment industry. Sex markets very well and is a very important aspect for anyone’s physical and mental health. More and more today women are being the target of novels and films. “50 Shades of Grey for example, is an erotic novel with majority of readers being women. The book released its huge cinematic movie which grossed over 85 million in its opening week. The story focuses mainly on the preferences of women’s sexual arousal and not mens.

In the medical world there are over 20 FDA approved drugs to help men with sexual dysfunction, but not a single one for women. Men have a plethora of options with regards to medical therapy while women are subject to only psychological counseling and hormone therapies. In the last couple of years over 1.5 billion dollars has been spent on research and lobbying to try and get just one female sexual disorder medication approved, but has still been unsuccessful.

Many women today are suffering in silence from sexual dysfunctions such as dyspareunia (pain during sex), orgasmic disorders, sexual arousal disorders, etc. They’re too embarrassed to speak out or don’t have anyone to turn to until now! A new break through for woman called the O-Shot can be perform in as little as 20 minutes. It works over 85% of the time for both women’s sexual disorders and urinary incontinence (inability to control the bladder). It is the best alternative to off-label medicines and therapies and has been mentioned by Cosmo, 20/20, and Harper’s BAZAAR.

What is it? Blood is drawn from an area of the body and is spun in a centrifuge, this separates the blood. In this separation process it makes what is called organic healing serum. Studies have shown in biopsies that when organic healing serum is injected into the human body, it multiplies and grows new younger tissue. The same way organic healing serum works on rejuvenating skin on the face, the O-Shot works to regenerate new healthy vaginal tissues. It is injected into the clitoris and upper vaginal areas which are the most sensitive and important areas for sexual arousal and response.

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual disorders mentioned above, check out our O-Shot page to find out more information about this amazing treatment! You can also give us a call to schedule a private consultation with one of us to go over all of your options. Don't wait, get the many benefits from this breakthrough procedure and rejuvenate your sex life and confidence.