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Oct 12, 2014
The SDMD Diet & Exercise Guide for Cosmetic Surgery

What goes on behind the scenes of your body is as important as the front. Dr. Svetlana Danovich take’s all aspects of every procedures very seriously. For all around optimal results, your immune system should be in the best shape possible. The benefit – rapid recovery. By following our Surgical Guide For Optimal Health you’ll be able to nourish and protect your investment.

The + Dos:

  • + Eat this. Because anesthesia causes cellular oxidation which produces free radicals that suppress the immune system, antioxidants are the go to. For many, this lingo can be confusing – so we made it easy – eat any of these and you’ll enhance your recovery. Vitamin A: mangos, kale, dried apricots. Beta carotene: sweet potato, spinach, carrots. Bioflavonoids: red bell peppers, green tea, lemons and limes. Vitamin C: brussel sprouts, broccoli, oranges selenium; tuna, whole-wheat bread, mushrooms. Zinc: cashews, pumpkin seeds, spinach.
  • + Protein. Choose either or all: salmon, turkey, chicken or filet mignon. These protein enriched foods are needed to build new tissue and blood vessels, repair injured tissue and repair wounds.
  • + Arnica montana. Used for centuries, this homeopathic pill dissolves under your mouth. Use 4 pills and a day 5 days prior to surgery and 7 days after. They are ideal in assisting with reducing bruising.
  • + Quercetin. This anti inflammatory and antioxidant works well with Arnica Montana. If you feel overwhelmed with all the vitamin essentials – eat apples – they are loaded with quercetin.
  • + B’s please. We can’t stress enough the important of B Vitamins as they work together to promote overall general wellness. A full complement of B-vitamins will aid in cellular metabolism, tissue repair and immune support support . A super B energy complex vitamin is recommend. Here are the B vitamins that are ultra important. B1 – also know as Thiamin, it is needed to produce cellular energy. B5 – known as pantothenic acid, it can help improve the speed at which wounds regenerate and heal. B6 – essential for red blood cell function. B12 – plays a critical role in the pathways of the body that produce cellular energy. Full complement of eight B-vitamins for cellular metabolism, tissue repair and immune support.
  • + Bromelan. Extracted from the stem of a pineapple it is a anti inflammatory for threading, swelling and pain. You can find this in your health food store. Begin 3 days before surgery and continue 7 days after. You can substitute this with bits of chunky cut-up pineapples.
  • Vitamin C. You should always consume vitamin C, but especially during surgery time. Take anywhere from 500-1000 mg 4 times a day.
  • + Probiotics. Often antibiotics are part of surgery but they kill the beneficial bacteria in your stomach. Probiotics will not only restore the essential bacteria, but keep bowel movements clean.
  • + Constipation. Don’t get worried. When your body slows on fluid intake, has a new medication in its system or limited activity, it becomes stagnant – and so does your bowel movement. Drink lots of water and stock up on fruits and vegetables or go natural with senna – a plant that has natural laxative effects.
  • + H20. 1 gallon of water goes a long way during the healing process. You’ll want to to stay hydrated since fluid intake will be down day of surgery .
  • + Get comfy. Rest, ice on hand, pajamas, blankets and cashmere throws — and don’t forget to sport your SD signature compression garments if needed. An ipad is essential (pre-load the movies and apps) and have friends and family on call should you need them to assist or for company – that is – until nap time.
  • + Get a little wet. Because water can interfere with wound coverage, we recommend quick showers to clean and refresh. No bath’s.

The - Don’ts:

  • - Put it out. We know you have been told a few times and probably told yourself that you need to quit smoking – but you really, really do if you intend on having surgery. Not only is smoking generally debilitating to your body but specifically before surgery because it disturbs would healing since smoke blocks oxygen to the operative site, not to mention can cause complications.
  • - Order a club soda. This one can be tough for many because who doesn’t appreciate a glass of wine at night? However, alcohol can suppresses the immune system and should be avoided for 5 days prior and post surgery.
  • - Not this pill. While aspirin is really good for heart health because it is a blood thiner, it should not be taken at least 10 days prior to surgery as it could cause excessive bleeding.
  • - Herbal supplement's. We know. Much like us, our clients are health conscious which means visits to the health food store are a common occurrence and you more than likely have a few of these around: ginger, ginkgo, fish oil, echinacea, ginseng, kav-kava, St. Johns wort and valerian root. In their own they can complicate surgery. Stop taking 7 days prior and after.
- Fill up. Never take any medicine or supplements on an empty stomach. Food is needed to absorb minerals.

For wound care, Dr. Danovich will provide specific directions and needs for your surgery. We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for allowing us to change the way you look and feel. Dr. Svetlana Danovich and her team is readily available should you have any needs or questions. Feel free to email us at or call at 516-439-4688.