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Sep 28, 2016


“I decided to share my story for the sole purpose of education and awareness. In the name of manhood, I believe it is my responsibility as a middle aged man, to tell my personal story. It’s rather interesting, as I’m a bit apprehensive to go into full detail about a ‘certain situation’ I was dealing with about 3 months ago. But it is definitely necessary to address.

I’m 45, divorced, and have been a successful lawyer for the past 20 years. I’d like to think I’m pretty active and conscientious about my eating habits. So I was a bit concerned with what was happening to me in the men’s department; if you catch my drift. An obvious laughing matter for those who lack substantial knowledge and understanding in the area of ED (erectile dysfunction). I wasn’t sure if something was wrong with me. Occasionally, I would wonder, but was scared to do anything about it. I thought it might’ve been stress. For some, it’s health related, but I believed my issues were all a mental block. Between work, cases, and a non-existing dating life, I was convinced I had NO personal life.

Recently, however, I met a woman. She was a social worker from Tacoma, Seattle. The same town I grew up in. She’s in her late 30’s and newly divorced. I decided to ask her out to dinner one night, and she graciously accepted my invitation. That night, we hit it off instantly. We shared so many things in common. She, however, wanted to take things slow. As did I. But the chemistry was undeniable. We started to see each other more frequently. Days turned to weeks, and weeks eventually turned into months. We were really into each other.

I was looking forward to another wonderful weekend with her. We were going to get away and chill out from life’s pressures, relax, catch up on things together, and share the magic of our normal extended hours of sweet lovemaking. Then, the worst happened. A one hundred percent performance failure – I couldn’t get it up! I tried to convince myself I was just tired from the trip. She then tried to make me feel better by justifying the situation and saying I’m probably stressed. It was so far from the truth, but I was completely and utterly mortified.

We decided to relax for a bit. We watched a movie and ordered room service. Several hours later, we pretended everything was okay. I wanted to go a second round to try and redeem myself, and my ego. But I was afraid. What if it happened again? So we lied in bed, cuddling. On top of my obvious failures, our usual cuddling just didn’t feel right. What was happening to me? Why couldn’t I get it up? Was this a sickness? Would I ever get my mojo back?

I read several online articles and forums to try to self diagnose. I bought some supplements which didn't do much of anything, so I visited my doctor. He couldn’t find any clear cause for my ED, a fairly common occurrence. So he prescribed ED pills. But I declined. I was afraid of the side effects. He really didn’t offer any other options. Maybe I was hypersensitive, but it almost felt as he couldn’t wait to get on to his next patient. I was hurting and I left the office feeling like he didn’t care. I didn’t want a bunch of explanations; I simply wanted my problem fixed. He did, at least, refer me to another specialist.

Her name was Dr. Svetlana Danovich – cosmetic/plastic surgeon based out of New York City specializing in Whole Body Organic Rejuvenation. I went to her website and did some research of my own. I was immediately impressed by her experience and knowledge on ED. I read one particular article on her website on the Priapus shot and how it incorporates the harvesting and injection of one's own plasma and enriched growth factors into specific areas of the penis. The article was so informative that I immediately made the call to schedule a consultation and booked my flight thereafter.

The day of the consultation was a bit nerve wrecking. I was sitting anxiously as I awaited to be called in by the receptionist. As soon as my name was called, I was taken to her office and was immediately greeted by the warmness of her smile. Dr. Danovich was as stunning in person as she was in her pictures. I’ll never forget her first question and opening line. ‘Pleasure to meet you ***** (I’ll keep the name anonymous). Welcome to SD Medical Arts.’ She then sat in her red chair, smiled, and said, ‘Now, what seems to be bothering you, and how can we make it better?’

First off, never have I been greeted by a doctor with such attention and concern. I felt incredibly comfortable at that moment. I proceeded to tell her my problems down under. She began to further explain the causes of ED, stating that penile dysfunction becomes more common as men age. ‘The truth is’, she said, ‘that erectile dysfunction is extremely common among all age groups for various reasons, not all of which are easily identifiable. But it’s not necessarily a normal part of aging. A cure depends on the cause, and some of the main causes can be vascular, diabetes, psychological, hormonal imbalance, smoking, being overweight, sexually confused, stressed, not enough sleep; the list is endless.’ She then went on and recommended, ‘The Priapus shot which begins with a couple of vials of blood being drawn. The plasma that contains the organic healing serum is then separated from the red and white blood cells by a centrifuge. The platelets, which contain growth factors, are then injected with an extremely thin needle directly into these six injection areas.’ With her thorough analysis and explanations on the procedure, I went ahead and booked my procedure for the following month.

The day of my procedure finally arrived. I was nervous, yet excited about it. I was instructed to rub lidocaine all over for 5 minutes to locally numb the area. She then took 2 vials of blood, placed it in the centrifuge and extracted the organic healing serum. I was really nervous right before the injection, but to my surprise there was minimal pain at the site. The total procedure took about 30 min. My questions, which the doctor was gracious enough to answer, took another 15 min or so. So in total, I was in her office for about 45 min.

I followed SD protocol by using the pump every day twice a day and was able to see changes in my penis the first week after the procedure. At my follow-up appointment, the positive results of my treatment were apparent. From the combination of the injection and the pump, the length and width of my penis definitely increased, and in particular, the base of my penis was clearly more substantial than it was before. My girlfriend agreed. So we did a little experiment. And I had two thoughts: One, I wish I had a transcript of everything my girlfriend was saying so I could write it down for marketing purposes; and two, size and functionality really do matter. I’m a happy camper.”