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Lunchtime Liposuction for the Arms

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Lunchtime Liposuction for the Arms

Not since Jackie Kennedy Onassis have we witnessed a First Lady with any sense of allure – that was – until Michelle Obama came along. But, it wasn’t so much the J. Crew dresses or the Oscar De La Renta gowns that made us look – it was all about her arms. “You might not always remember a dress”, says Dr. Svetlana Danovich, “but you will remember it was sleeveless because you’ll remember the arms. A woman should never underestimate the power of her arms – literally and figuratively!” It’s not the bag that makes the little black dress; it’s the arms that are holding it.

As Dr. Danovich’s patient, getting those arms isn’t as difficult as your may think. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It only takes around 45 minutes. That’s why we call it “Lunchtime Lipo”.
  2. No scalpel.
  3. Minimally Invasive and we mean it. Dr. Danovich utilizes a tiny cannula to liquefy and quickly remove fat cells.
  4. Dr. Danovich is a pain management expert, so you’ll barely feel a thing.
  5. Dr. Danovich is a perfectionist. She knows the perfect amount of fat to remove so skin doesn’t drop, keeping your arms looking healthy and voluminous.

Noteworthy. The limitation of liposuction of the arms is the extent of excess skin that will remain after the procedure. Learn more about how Dr. Danovich can further enhance yours arms. As a pioneer in perfecting the fat transfer method, Dr. Danovich can take the fat you don’t like and make it fat you’ll love. Visit our Fat Transfer section for all the details.

SD diet and exercise tips. While cosmetic surgery by Dr. Danovich will generate long lasting results, keeping your body active and healthy will compound the results. Here are 5 quick diet and exercise tips for sexy arms:

  1. Say no to fruits as snacks. They are high in sugar. Say yes to kale chips and walnuts.
  2. Say no to your friend Larry’s lasagna and yes to his lentils – these slow-burning carbohydrates are carbohydrates that do not raise your blood sugar.
  3. Get egg in your face every morning – just the whites of course. You’ll find yourself a little less hungry all day.
  4. Double duty: arm grippers. These release your tension and build your bicep and tricep muscle at the same time.
  5. Of course we love Soul Cycle, but 20 no frills, ordinary push ups, 5x a week will strengthen and tone arms in less than 2 weeks.

For even more arm exercise and fat burning tips, check out this article from sites we love: She Knows.