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Now Here’s Something to Clap About – Organic Hand Rejuvenation is Here

Mar 18, 2016
Now Here’s Something to Clap About - Organic Hand Rejuvenation is Here!

How old do your hands look? This is a growing concern for many. After all, what good is concealing the wrinkles on your face if your hands still give away your true age? Fortunately, making hands look younger is standard practice for New York City Dr. Svetlana Danovich. She offers three solution oriented hand rejuvenation techniques in her Manhattan and Long Island offices to diverse patient needs. Because our hands receive so much exposure, it is one of the first places to start showing visible signs of aging. Natural aging, and exposure to sunlight, causes this appearance. The more common visible signs of aging include darkened spots (a.k.a. “age spots”) and precancerous growths. A loss of fatty tissue also occurs, making our hands look bony. Hand rejuvenation treatments can help restore the hands to a more youthful appearance.

With the increasing popularity of various cosmetic surgery procedures, including hand rejuvenation treatments, it is important that the prospective patient research and understand different issues like what the procedure can and cannot treat, inherent risks, costs, and time factors.

Who is an ideal candidate for Hand Rejuvenation treatments?

  • A woman who wants to enhance her appearance and boost self-confidence.
  • A woman who wants smoother looking skin.
  • A woman who wants to regain a more youthful look and NOT give away her age.

The Big B.O.O.S.T. to youthful hands. Dr. Svetlana Danovich has created B.O.O.S.T.. A therapy utilizing organic healing serum, which is derived from a patient’s own blood. Organic healing serum is a powerful “cocktail” with a variety of growth factors and cytokines which stimulates tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis and angiogenesis. It stimulates the production of collagen, activates dermal connective tissues and fat cells plus increases the production of new blood cells. In short, it turns back the cellular clock on aging skin! This approach has been used successfully for years within the sports medicine and wound care arenas for healing the body.

Dr. Danovich understands the aging process doesn’t stop above the neck! That is why she offers a whole body approach which is monumentally important in the rejuvenation process including hand rejuvenation by utilizing your own body resources, organic healing serum from your blood and revitalizing cells from the fatty tissues.

A state of the art centrifuge and filtration system is used. Once fat is extracted from the patient, it is inserted into a centrifuge, where it is filtered to prepare it for injection into the targeted sites. Dr. Danovich’s state-of-the-art filtration system selects and singles out only the most viable fat cells, ensuring maximum retention and success.

Fat grafting has primarily been used in re-contouring of the body and face. Fat tissue has been considered to be an ideal filler for augmentation of soft tissue because it is biocompatible, versatile, natural-appearing, non-immunogenic, inexpensive, and readily obtainable with low donor site morbidity. The main limitation of fat grafting has been unpredictable graft resorption, which ranges from 25%-80%. To obviate this disadvantage, Dr. Danovich increases the viability of the transplanted tissue and enhances fat graft survival with organic healing serum.

Organic healing serum with the B.O.O.S.T. approach, hands are plumped and smoothed and prominent veins and ligaments are diminished, leading to an overall youthful and vital appearance. Combined with fat transfer hands can be transformed naturally for a fraction of the cost when using traditional non organic filers. Perfect for the woman in her late 30’s or 40’s who wants to prevent aging hands. The fat transfer is going stay there and the patient will need to keep up with organic healing serum periodically to maintain results.

CO2 Laser Hand Rejuvenation. If you are in your 50’s or 60’s you will benefit from organic healing serum and fat transfer, re-volumizing the hand, revitalizing cells, organic healing serum enhances the appearance of the skin but your age can still be given away by aging spots! If your hands have developed age spots or other superficial blemishes, Dr. Danovich uses CO2 laser resurfacing to remove the damaged cells. After firmly establishing the treatment area, your hand is thoroughly cleansed. The laser is then applied evenly and expertly with her strong aesthetic eye. The laser removes the outermost layer of skin on the hands, leaving only the healthy cells underneath. These can then regenerate a new layer of skin, reducing the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other age-related blemishes.

Hyaluronic Instant Hand Rejuvenation. Hands lose volume as we age, the subcutaneous layers of fat thin and we lose about 7% of skin thickness per decade. This allows veins, bones and tendons in the hands to become more prominent or “skeletonized”.

If you want faster results, you can use fillers with organic healing serum. This loss of volume can be reversed with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Voluma. Volume restoration in the hands is a technically intricate process performed using fillers. It is a shorter procedure with no fat harvest and takes much less time in the office to see immediate results. You will have to understand that fillers dissipate faster, about 6 to 9 months and will need continued maintenance. The process takes 45-60 minutes per treatment to restore this volume; 80% of the improvement is seen immediately with the final result within a few days.

All of the various hand rejuvenation protocols offered by Dr. Danovich are performed with minimal discomfort, minimal bruising and no recovery time needed.