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The Perfect Shot to Save Your Love Life

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The Perfect Shot to Save Your Love Life

The perfect shot in the “relationship arm” that could save your love life. Is painful sex ruining your relationship? We all know good love relationships take work. The cornerstones to happy and long lasting unions are sexual intimacy and well being. Unfortunately for many, aging and physiological changes can diminish the desire and ability to fully enjoy this special closeness. A recent Psychology Today article stated that up to 25% of couples in America live in a sexless relationship. For many, it is not a compatibility issue but the result of physical challenges and aging.

These issues are so common in fact there are social networking sites such as Yuku which has a popular sexless marriage community. There’s a section to rant, to talk divorce, to get advice on finding romance outside of a sexless marriage. There’s even a forum for users to arrange to meet in person to talk about their sexless marriages. Reddit, of course, has a thriving community, DeadBedrooms, with more than 29,000 subscribers. Even general relationship forums, like, are filled with threads on sexless marriages. Subject lines are fraught with desperation and resignation: “Sexless marriage driving me crazy!!!,” “So sad – sexless marriage” and “Yet another guy stuck in a sexless marriage”, for example.

What if there were something as simple as a shot to turn things around? And what if this treatment came from your own body and is completely organic and natural? You don't have to suffer anymore! Dr. Svetlana Danovich, a highly respected New York cosmetic surgeon, is transforming lives with the most advanced treatments using organic healing serum to organically rejuvenate tissue to make you feel 20 again!

Dr. Svetlana Danovich deals with the physical challenges that create a lack of intimacy with patients on a daily basis. If fact, she is enhancing the confidence of hundreds of women, men and in many cases, transforming their lives. Patients are experiencing immediate and welcome results from Dr. Danovich’s approach – the Femilift™, O-Shot®, and P-Shot® – to enhance their sexual well-being for themselves and their partners. The procedures are even proving to be effective for treating urinary incontinence. Dr. Danovich reports that upwards of 85% of her patients are reporting immediate and long-lasting sexual improvements. “I saw so many patients who came in feeling depressed about aging, and requesting Botox and other procedures,” Dr. Danovich explains. “But as we talked further, in many instances, these patients revealed that what was at the root of their problem was frustration with the changes that occur for people sexually over time – changes which impact sexual function, sexual satisfaction and ultimately, their relationships with their partners.”

2 steps to a woman’s sexual well-being. Dr. Danovich has devised this two-part treatment. The Center of Organic Whole Body Rejuvenation, specializes in vaginal rejuvenation using the most advanced techniques for the best results. Femilift™ Laser and O-Shot® treatments can be administered separately or as an effective combination for more lasting results.

The Femilift™: inserting a painless, CO2 laser, Dr. Danovich applies concentrated thermal energy to the vaginal tissue. This procedure resurfaces the vagina, removes irregularities, tightens the top layer of tissue and begins to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Another important benefit? This is the first step toward abating urinary incontinence in many instances.

What is the O-Shot®? Organic healing serum is a portion of your blood that contains healing elements and growth factors. To create organic healing serum, your own blood is drawn and the platelets and growth factors are separated with a special, FDA approved centrifuge. Using a proprietary technique, the organic healing serum is injected into an area around the clitoris and vagina that is critical to sexual pleasure. Women experience little to no pain, as the area is thoroughly numbed with a potent anesthetic cream. The O-Shot® brings back the elasticity and sensitivity of the vagina which improves sexual wellness.

The entire procedure is performed after the application of a topical numbing cream, (as the patient enjoys relaxing, nourishing cup of green tea) and in most cases, is completed in less than 60 minutes. Patients feel nothing during the procedure, there is absolutely no downtime and results are instant (surgical vaginal reconstructions can require six to eight weeks of recovery time.)

“The procedure helps tremendously with the quality of sex and the quality of individual orgasms,” Dr. Danovich notes. “Over the age of 55, the vaginal area tends to lose elasticity, and the production of the body’s natural lubrication is significantly diminished. Sex can become very uncomfortable for the woman and her partner. But once the vagina is recalibrated to behave as its ‘younger’ self with the Femilift™ and O-Shot®, the area becomes tighter and more elastic, and the patient’s ability to self-lubricate is often restored. I’ve had patients in their ‘50s and ‘60s tell me that they feel like they’re in their 20s again! They tell me they feel so much more confident – in and out of the bedroom!” As an additional side benefit, many women report significant improvement of stress and urge incontinence. There are also many reports of total resolution of the problem.

What patients can expect during an appointment? Dr. Danovich will quickly review your medical history. You will have an opportunity to ask questions should you have any. A topical numbing cream is applied to the injection area. Your blood is then drawn and prepared. Once your revitalizing cells have been extracted, the doctor will inject them into two small areas of the vagina. The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes. And you can resume your normal daily activities immediately. The use of organic healing serum as a treatment or as an adjunct to other treatments has been a hot topic in both medicine and surgery for over a decade. Platelets taken from a tube of the patients own blood are concentrated, activated and injected into the areas of concern usually over the course of several sessions. The organic healing serum contain growth factors which enhance tissue healing, create collagen and elasticity.

A man’s sexual well-being. The Priapus Shot® procedure is a very specific way of using blood-derived growth factors from your own blood to rejuvenate an aging erection by increasing collagen and elastic fibers, smoothing muscle mass and stimulating growth of new blood vessels and nerves. Patients experience immediate increase in size, along with increased sensation and stronger, longer-lasting erections. There is NO procedure that works all the time, but we see about 85% satisfaction with the Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®) with proper selection. Usually, it takes from 2-4 months for full effect. Patients experience a larger, strengthened and straightened penis along with boosted sensation and pleasure due to a significant increase in circulation for a healthier organ. Patients experience immediate increase in size, along with increased sensation and stronger, longer-lasting erections. It works in tandem with other therapies such as Cialis and Viagra and is non-invasive and doesn’t carry the heart-health risks of traditional erectile dysfunction treatments. The Priapus Shot® has been shown to correct damage from diabetes.

Are you a candidate for these treatments? If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions the above treatments may be your answer. Do you suffer from urinary incontinence? Is sex painful? Do you find intercourse unfulfilling? Is it difficult to get lubricated for sex? Do you feel less sexy and confident? Have you tried hormone replacement with no improvement? Do you feel self-conscious about the looseness of your vagina? Would you like to experience more sensation for you and your partner?

We care deeply about these life changing issues. With us, it’s personal. We believe every patient comes to us with unique needs, unique desires and unique dreams. It’s never about “one technique fits all”. That’s why we spend a great deal of time simply listening – getting to know and understand each patient before ever proposing a treatment. Thanks to an approach of deep empathy and relatability, patients are comfortable sharing their most personal thoughts and fears. As a result, we are able to carefully implement approaches for every patient, guaranteeing the highest possible levels of effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Opening soon! Our new office in Manhattan! We’re thrilled that we will be able to accommodate our Manhattan-based patients at our new offices in east Midtown. We’re currently under construction at the clinic located at 16 East 52nd St., Suite 801. As with our original location in Great Neck, we will be equipped to offer you the most up-to-date treatments and services, in a relaxing, caring and elegant atmosphere. For appointments, please call at 516-243-8948 in Great Neck or 917-969-6067 in New York City. Or, click here to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Danovich.