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Skip the Salad and Get Your Rear in Gear

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Jun 11, 2016
Skip the Salad and Get Your Rear in Gear!

With full, curvy derrieres in the spotlight, like the ones sported by Kim and Khloe Kardashian demand for this surgical enhancement is on the rise. Although the Brazilian Butt Lift is sky rocketing in popularity not every woman wants such a full or noticeable enhancement.

Dr. Svetlana Danovich, who notes that demand for butt lifts in her own practice has increased even more than the national average, is seeing women who want results that are subtler and immediate. She is meeting the demand for better bottoms in the span of a lunch hour! Perfect for the woman who is on the thinner side usually in her 50s and has lost volume in her behind as she has aged. Dr. Danovich has perfected the instant and innovative, next-generation technique that combines fat transfer with organic healing serum. This unique approach uses the patient’s own unwanted fat (usually from the abdomen or hips) plus liquid plasma to increase fullness, roundness and projection, and to smooth and refine the skin. There are virtually no side effects, the outpatient procedure is relatively quick and patients experience only minor discomfort during the brief healing period. What’s most important, by adding organic healing serum to the protocol, Dr. Danovich reports that success/retention rates increase from 70% to 95%.

Why the Danovich Lunchtime Butt Lift works.

1. The growth factor serum. Dr. Danovich uses organic healing serum extensively in many of her treatments. There are 3 used in the lunchtime butt lift. One before the procedure, one right after and the final one within two weeks. This is where in the patient’s own blood is refined in order to produce organic healing serum that is injected into the body to stimulate the production of collagen, activate dermal connective tissues and fat cells and increase the production of new blood cells. Dr. Danovich employs organic healing serum prior to the fat transfer step in her derriere enhancements. Organic healing serum is a powerful “cocktail” with a variety of growth factors and cytokines which stimulates tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis and angiogenesis.

A Revitalizing B.O.O.S.T. is the organic secret weapon to maximize the lunchtime butt lift results. Growth factors in the patient’s platelets contain natural, multi-potent cells which activate the production of new collagen, fatty tissue and blood vessels to rejuvenate the skin. The cutting edge technology coupled with her surgical skill and precision result in improved and long-lasting volume, plus radiance and rejuvenated skin texture for the patient. In short less dimples, it turns back the cellular clock and creates a more youthful and perkier rear! This approach has been used successfully for years within the sports medicine and wound care arenas for healing the body.

Platelet concentration determines the efficacy of the organic healing serum treatment and in order to achieve that, Dr. Danovich says, “you need to follow five critical steps to phenomenal results”:

  • Pretreatment preparation.
  • Separation of organic healing serum by using special filters and a certain centrifuge speed and power (which varies for male vs female).
  • Activation of the platelets by using recommended stimulus which results in a differentiated growth factor release from the platelets themselves.
  • organic healing serum technique with precise injection depth using specific needle size.

2. Delicate fat extraction technique. To gather the fat cells that are injected into the buttocks, Dr. Danovich uses a refined liposuction technique which employs a micro-sized cannula set at a low speed. This approach inflicts less trauma to the individual fat cells, making them more robust for injection. It’s also more comfortable overall for the patient. As a matter of fact, the patient who is the ideal candidate for the lunchtime butt lift is only having a small amount of fat transferred so she can enjoy only having local anesthetic, no downtime and be right back to work!

3. State of the art centrifuge and filtration system. Once the fat is extracted from the patient, it is inserted into a centrifuge, where it is filtered to prepare it for injection into the targeted sites. Dr. Danovich’s state-of-the-art filtration system selects and singles out only the most viable fat cells, ensuring maximum retention and success.

4. Natural healing. Patient care and comfort are of the utmost importance with this procedure – as they are with any service provided by Dr. Danovich. Her holistic approach includes an in-depth consultation to pinpoint each patient’s desired results; a pre-treatment regimen of arnica, bromide and pineapple to reduce bruising and speed healing; a luxurious, spa-like environment and a highly-trained, nurturing staff, led by Dr. Danovich herself.

5. Artistry and divine proportion. Dr. Danovich brings her sophisticated esthetic, artistic eye and skilled hands to every patient, along with her understanding of the optimal strategy and her keen eye for proportion and balance from every angle. The result? Uplifted, rounded, and truly enviable yet subtle results! “Training and knowledge is critical in providing the lunchtime butt lift,” says Dr. Danovich. A medical professional who has the skills has a very power full tool while others without the appropriate training and knowledge will be subject to failure! It’s not only about the organic enhancement you can now achieve. “It’s about freeing your mind from constraints and insecurities, allowing your inner beauty to shine through to look and feel your very best. When you unleash that – you have opened up a whole new world,” says Dr Svetlana Danovich.

Not only does the B.O.O.S.T. lunchtime butt lift provide a perkier backside it also:

  • Improves your skin texture with less dimples.
  • Provides immediate volume.
  • Improves your skin quality.
  • Restores your skin shape.
  • Rejuvenates your skin tissue.

Patients are encouraged to repeat the treatment in 12-18 months to maintain the best results.

“With us, it’s personal” says Dr. Danovich. We believe every patient comes to us with unique needs, unique desires and unique dreams. It’s never about “one technique fits all”. That’s why we spend a great deal of time simply listening – getting to know and understand each patient before ever proposing a treatment. Thanks to an approach of deep empathy and relatability, patients are comfortable sharing their most personal thoughts and fears. As a result, we are able to carefully recommend individual approaches for every patient, guaranteeing the highest possible levels of effectiveness and patient satisfaction!

About Dr. Svetlana Danovich. Dr. Svetlana Danovich is a New York area plastic surgeon who focuses on delivering beautiful, natural results for every patient, combining the latest methods and technology with superior.