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Feb 23, 2017
The pressure to look younger is very real, but many women are reluctant to “go under the knife”.

With advances in the science of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) you can achieve a youthful appearance without surgery. Even better, the treatment is completely natural and organic!

A Revitalizing Vampire Facelift® is the organic alternative to the conventional facelift. Growth factors in the patient’s platelets contain natural, multi-potent stem cells which activate the production of new collagen, fatty tissue and blood vessels to rejuvenate the skin. The cutting edge technology coupled with her surgical skill and precision result in improved and long-lasting volume, radiance and rejuvenated skin texture for the patient. In short, it turns back the cellular clock on aging skin! This PRP approach has been used successfully for years in sports medicine and wound care for healing the body.

PRP is a powerful “cocktail” with a variety of growth factors and proteins which stimulate tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis and new blood vessels.

“Training and knowledge is critical in providing the Vampire Facelift®,” says Dr. Danovich, a talented surgeon who has been trained in the PRP procedures by the inventor, Dr. Charles Runels. Many doctors are offering these treatments because the results are so fantastic and don’t require surgery, however, it is important to find a qualified doctor who has the appropriate training for the optimal results.

Platelet concentration determines the efficacy of the PRP treatment and in order to achieve that, Dr. Danovich says, “you need to follow five critical steps to phenomenal results”:

  1. Pretreatment preparation.
  2. Separation of PRP by using special filters and a certain centrifuge speed and power (which varies for male vs female).
  3. Activation of the platelets by using recommended stimulus which results in a differentiated growth factor release from the platelets themselves.
  4. PRP technique with precise injection depth using specific needle size.
  5. Post treatment care to maximize results utilizing vitamin supplements and prescribed skin regimen.

It is recommended that in conjunction with a Vampire Facelift®, fillers, such as Restylane® or Juvéderm® be used for divine perfection. A small needle is then injected into the areas of concern around the face. Micro-needling is then applied so the patient’s body can continue its natural absorption of PRP.

There are no allergic reactions because a person’s own body’s fluids are used.

What’s most exciting is that it is the natural way to rejuvenate the face without the use of surgery all while achieving dramatic results, that improve ongoing, are natural and pain free. This is the invaluable boost approach for the face.

Not only does the Vampire facelift provide a healthy glow it also:

  • Improves Your Skin Texture
  • Provides Immediate Volume
  • Improves Your Skin Quality
  • Restores Your Skin Shape
  • Rejuvenates Your Skin Tissue

Patients are encouraged to repeat the treatment in 12-18 months to achieve the best results.

“With us, it’s personal,” says Dr. Danovich. We believe every patient comes to us with unique needs, unique desires and unique dreams. It’s never about “one technique fits all”. That’s why we spend a great deal of time simply listening – getting to know and understand each patient before ever proposing a treatment. Thanks to an approach of deep empathy and relatability, patients are comfortable sharing their most personal thoughts and fears. As a result, we are able to carefully recommend individual approaches for every patient, guaranteeing the highest possible levels of effectiveness and patient satisfaction!

Dr. Danovich brings her sophisticated esthetic, artistic eye and skilled hands to every patient, along with her understanding of the optimal strategy and her keen eye for proportion and balance from every angle. “It’s not only about the organic enhancement you can now achieve. It’s about freeing your mind from constraints and insecurities, allowing your inner beauty to shine through to look and feel your very best. When you unleash that – you have opened up a whole new world,” says, Dr. Danovich.