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Facial Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting

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Looking and feeling younger are valid objectives that start with utilizing the organic resources from your own body, which includes fat, revitalizing cells, and organic healing serum to look fresher, younger, and most importantly natural. “It's a truly TIMELESS concept” Svetlana M. Danovich, MD, FACS.

Facial Fat Transfer in NYC

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The applications of facial fat grafting are diverse; improvements are generally well documented. In the aesthetics/cosmetic world, patients commonly seek out a facial fat grafting procedure to improve age-related changes to the face such as reduced fullness, skin thinning, loss of elasticity, and sun damage appearance. It’s ideal for facial rejuvenation to achieve dramatic effects in restoring volume and improving skin quality over long-term follow-ups. Younger patients may seek fat grafting to restore facial proportions while maintaining a natural appearance, particularly with such features as the jaw line, cheeks, or chin. Be sure to choose an experienced facial fat transfer specialist to ensure the best possible results.

Fat Grafting Procedure

Facial fat grafting, or facial fat injection, is the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the face, in order to reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines, add fullness under the eyes, to the cheeks, and to the lips, significantly improving texture and quality of the skin for natural and appealing results.

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“It’s always the simple steps that produce the most incredible results,” says Svetlana M Danovich.

Is Fat Grafting Right for Me?

Is Fat Grafting Right for Me

Both men and women can significantly benefit from the facial fat transfer procedure. By re-injecting your own purified fat enriched pluripotent cells, we can make very detailed improvements to your nasolabial folds, eliminating the wrinkles from the corners of the mouth to the nose, and maximizing the effect of rejuvenation in the most modern, scientifically driven, and natural manner. These simple changes will drastically improve your self-confidence and restore your youthful glow!

How is Facial Fat Transfer Performed?

How is the Fat Grafting Done

How should I prepare for fat grafting? In order to prepare for this procedure effectively, you will need to stop smoking for at least 2 months before this intervention, optimizing your antioxidant level by taking suggested supplements, and avoid taking Aspirin, Advil or Aleve within 7 days of surgery.

The process entails several steps. First, the doctor starts by harvesting fat by utilizing the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, “Tickle Liposuction” method which involves gentle harvesting of fat to preserve the fine structure of the cells.

Next, your fat is purified using the PureGraft method which removes nonviable tissue, leaving ONLY healthy pure fat cells behind.

The fat is then injected into the chosen areas in tiny droplets to mold face to perfection; while finalizing the process with growth factor serum, which serves as the elegant finish to the fat sculpting. It glams up the beautiful face without feeling like too much; refining and locking in the optimal textures and ultimate shape. “It’s always the simple steps that produce the most incredible results,” says Svetlana M Danovich.

How long does fat grafting take? The fat transfer procedure takes about 2-2.5 hours.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Commonly, during the recovery process of fat transfer, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and slight discomfort in the areas where fat was removed or added, which will subside in a week or two.

What are the Fat Grafting Risks?

Since fat transfer involves the use of your own fat cells, side effects are very insignificant but cannot exclude the risk of bleeding, infection, asymmetry , and/or uneven results.

Patients experiencing any concerning symptoms are advised to call Dr. Danovich’s cell phone promptly.

When Will I See the Results of My Facial Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting results are immediate. Just after the procedure your enhancements may appear slightly larger or fuller than you anticipated due to pronounced swelling and possible bruising which will resolve in a matter of 1-2 weeks, resulting in just the enhancement you initially desired.

How long does facial fat transfer last? Unlike synthetic facial fillers, the facial rejuvenation with fat injections can last for many decades. Depending on the degree of fat retention or fat absorption, healthy lifestyle, and enhancement level, some patients may require multiple injection procedures to achieve optimal results.

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Fat Grafting Results Woman

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

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Fat Grafting Costs

The cost for the Fat Transfer to the Face procedure starts at $6,500. The total cost depends on how extensive the procedure will be.

What are the Alternatives to Facial Fat Grafting?

Alternatives to Facial Fat Grafting for Women

SD Medical Arts offers a full range of surgical (Full Facelift, Mini Facelift, Neck Lift, Brow Lift), non-surgical advanced dermal fillers, botulinum injections, Laser Resurfacing Pixel Perfect, facial reinvigoration models precisely tailored to men and/or women, which can be performed at the same time as fat grafting.


Q: How long do fat grafting results last?

A: Once the fat grafts take hold and mature (gain its own blood supply in its new location in order to persist long-term)over the first 12-18 months the results should be evident for many years. It will become like every other living tissue in your body;therefore,it does change in volume if you lose or gain weight. If you maintain your weight after the procedure, there is no question that fat is the ideal material for soft tissue augmentation with the most natural-appearing results.

Q: Why would I choose my own fat over dermal filler for rejuvenation of my face?

A: The results obtained from fat grafting are the most naturalappearing, and it lasts a lifetime. Fat grafting allows for more intricate customization of the divine proportion of the face in the most natural way utilizing the organic resources of our bodies. By combining these resources, which include fat, pluripotent cells, and organic healing serum derived from your body, the goal of looking fresher, younger, and most importantly natural, becomes attainable. Immunologically compatible entities such as these, combat the use of foreign substances and work together to create long lasting results without the risk of infection.

Q: What should I expect during recovery from facial fat grafting?

A: The main issue with fat transfer recovery is the significant swelling and bruising that lasts a week, and ,in some cases, it can last up to 10-12 days. I strongly recommend staying away from Omega 3s and Ibuprofen/Aleve/Advil/Aspirin for a few weeks prior to the procedure. Start taking Arnika Forte, a herbal supplement of Arnica and Bromelain, 4 days before the procedure, which will help greatly with healing, swelling, and bruising.

Q: What is the main advantage of fat transfer?

A: The main advantage and benefits of having fat transfer are golden. Fat grafting becomes living tissue which is essentially permanent and is also commonly associated with improved skin texture. Fat in itself is an organic filler with the abundance of pluripotent cells and regenerative capacity. Not only does it fill the space or optimizes the volume of the structure, but it also has unprecedented capabilities of stimulating collagen, elastin and the ongoing regenerative ability of the skin and its underlying structure with the most natural rejuvenation results you have been dreaming about.

Q: What is aftercare after the procedure?

A: After surgery, patients may experience some discomfort for a couple of days’ post-surgery –a dull ache may persist in the areas that have been treated for a further 1-2 weeks, but this can be managed easily with painkillers that your surgeon will provide you.
Downtime is usually minimal following either fat transfer to body or face. However, you may notice some swelling and bruising which can take up to 1-2 weeks to subside post-surgery.

Q: When can I resume my exercise?

A: You can resume back to your daily exercise regime 2 weeks post surgery or as directed by your surgeon.

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