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For some men this condition is genetically predisposed, for others is just a side effect of certain medications or drug use. Whatever the cause, it's impossible to correct with diet and exercise, so surgery intervention could be the best and most effective alternative.

Male Breast Reduction in NYC

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Gynecomastia is a common problem many men struggle with in the world. Having the appearance of feminine breasts, generally caused by an excess of breast or fatty tissue, can usually become a sensitive matter for a lot of men who often avoid the subject and are unaware of treatments for this condition.

Gynecomastia Main for Men

Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure used to correct abnormally enlarged breasts in men due to excess glandular tissue and / or local fat in one breast, or in both. This condition affects up to 60% of men across the world, and it's usually caused by a hormonal discrepancy, disease or use of certain drugs, or it could just be genetically predisposed (run in family).

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Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Procedure | Dr. Svetlana Danovich
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SD Male Breast Reduction Surgery/ Gynecomastia can redesign and resculpt your chest to achieve a more masculine figure by reducing sagging and enlarged breast. This intervention will help you to enhance your body image, and help boost your self- confidence and self-esteem, while diminishing anxiety, embarrassment and emotional pain over your physical appearance.

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for Me

A great candidate for Gynecomastia / Male Breast Reduction is a healthy male patient of any age who wants to  improve his physical appearance, getting rid of emotional and physical distress, while boosting his self-confidence and physical attributes. "Always remember that your own insecurities can hold you back from a life of possibilities." – Svetlana M. Danovich









How is Male Breast Reduction Performed?

How is the Gynecomastia Done

During the surgery, tiny incisions (less than 3 mm) will be made on each side of your chest to remove the excess fat in order to recreate that “male chest appearance”. If more extensive tissue excision is needed, then the per areola incisions (inferior border of nipple areolar complex) will be made to remove glandular tissue and achieve a more tightened and contoured masculine chest. Men are often blown away with the eminent change in their chest and their more confident outlook on life. These improvements are instantaneous and designed to last indefinitely as long as you up keep your results and take care of your investment.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

After the liposuction, you will wear a tight male compression vest for next 3-4 weeks which is easily hidden under your clothing. This is absolutely necessary for better healing to create the perfect couture of your newly designed body. Most of our clients will go back to work the next day after the procedure, but you should avoid strenuous activity for 7-10 days.

What are the Male Breast Reduction Risks?

Occasionally, complications may include bleeding, infection, poor scarring, and correctable asymmetry. 

Patients experiencing any concerning symptoms are advised to call Dr. Danovich’s cell phone promptly.

What Outcome Can a Person Expect After Gynecomastia Surgery?

You will see the results* of this surgical intervention immediately. After the procedure, a compression garment is applied and you may resume your normal daily routine in 7-10 days. For the most part, you should plan on taking a few days off from work following the procedure. It requires 8-12 weeks to achieve the final results of your reshaped chest.

​*results may vary from person to person

Gynecomastia Results
Gynecomastia Results Man

How Much Does Male Breast Reduction Cost?

How Much Does Male Breast Reduction Cost Impression
How Much Does Male Breast Reduction Cost

SD male breast reduction (gynecomastia) surgery starts from $5,500. You will be given a finalized quote during your consultation. The cost of your male breast reduction will include your anesthesia/facility and surgeon’s fees, required garments, and all of your follow-up visits. Click here for information on how to pay for your male breast reduction in New York or Long Island.

What are the Alternatives to Male Breast Reduction?

Alternatives for Gynecomastia

If you desire significant definition in your body you may want to look into Liposuction on other areas of your body, Pec Implant surgery and / or Abdominal Etching Surgery to re contour your body to perfection. “Do not wait for inspiration, be the inspiration!” – Dr. Svetlana Danovich





Q: Can Gynecomastia be corrected with chest exercise?

A: Gynecomastia cannot be corrected with just chest exercises. The only effective solution is surgical (Usually Liposuction or a combination of Surgical Excision and Liposuction). In fact, many, if not most of my gynecomastia patients are weightlifters or other bodybuilders.

Q: Can Men grow back Breast After Gynecomastia procedure?

A: Generally gynecomastia surgery will take care of the problem permanently. Weight gain, steroids, hormones,cannabis or other factors could contribute to a recurrence of gynecomastia due to the residual fatty tissue and a small cult of gland that were left after the procedure for better contouring. In order to maintain the results, it’s important that you follow precisely our post-surgery recommendations.

Q: What's the healing process like during recovery?

A: Recovery following gynecomastia surgery is relatively painless and brief. Expect that you can shower, drive, and go back to desk work within a day or two, and you can resume exercise in 2 weeks. You will need to wear a male compression vest over your chest for 4 weeks to heal faster and have better contouring results.

Q: What is recovery like after Gynecomastia surgery?

A: We give our patients general information about what to expect when excision surgery is needed. Most patients need pain meds for a few days. They can resume to work in 5-7 days. Compression vest is advised to be worn for 4 weeks. They resume general exercise in 2 weeks and activities with direct chest pressure or impact in 6-8 weeks. Full healing of the incisions and return of sensation may take up to one year.

Q: What is aftercare after the procedure?

A: Recovery following gynecomastia surgery is relatively painless and brief. Expect to shower, drive, and go back to desk work within a day or two, and then you can resume back to your exercise regime after 2 weeks. You will probably need to wear a compression garment for several weeks to help with healing.

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