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Cosmetic Surgical Arts for men

Cosmetic Surgical Arts for men

The realm of modern surgical aesthetics is no longer exclusively targeted towards women. With the stabilization of natural and effective treatments, men are now able to capitalize on the virtues of cosmetic surgical arts. The use of naturally produced tissue in these procedures solidifies the present as being the optimal time for men to achieve organic results.

Over the last ten years, there has been a rapid increase in aesthetic surgical procedures geared towards the male population. The desire to feel positive about one’s own image is a quality that is not exclusive to women. In a competitive world, men are expected to present themselves in a way that reflects their success. Just as women long to have their outer appearance match the way they feel on the inside, men too seek the key to confidence. While looking fit, young, and masculine does not overshadow the intelligence needed to achieve great success, it is imperative to the development of a positive attitude towards one’s own image.

Dr. Danovich theorizes that there are four types of men that typically opt for cosmetic surgery. She marks the first type as the “male model.” The male model is a subject who seeks out specific procedures including jawline augmentation, "hi-definition liposuction" (used for making the abs more prominent and contoured), pectoral implants, and gluteal implants.

The second type has been deemed the “body builder,” who has similar procedures as the male model, but is drawn to a distinctly more muscular look. This type of client’s desires are ruled by one overarching ideal; to be big, yet chiseled. Big chest, big glutes, but muscularly defined. Many of those cases require the removal of the fatty tissue around the breast that can develop from a number of different reasons. It can be a result of certain drugs, hormonal changes, underlying disease, or hereditary.

The third type of man is using plastic surgery to make career based strides. These patients yearn to be at the top of their careers, feeling young and confident while doing so. Dr. Danovich’s approach to treating the career oriented patient lies on the side of conservatism in the enhancement process. She offers them what she calls the “CEO Facelift,” which includes some variation of a neck lift, eye lift, jawline re-contouring, and liposuction if necessary or desired.

The remaining patient is categorized as the “athletic father.” These men are predominantly interested in jawline re-contouring, liposuction, and a small eye lift being that they usually fall within the late 40—early 50 age range.

“It’s not only about the surgical enhancement the modern man can now achieve, but about men with a sense of productivity who are looking and feeling their best with the help of contemporary surgical practice,” says Dr. Danovich. “When a man feels confident, the world of opportunity, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom, is endless.”

Surgical art procedures for body

Abdominal Etching Surgery Main Photo
Male Abdominal Sculpting Surgery – Men’s Way Enhancement Lipoetching + Male Tummy Tuck NYC

To create the most athletic and chiseled look possible for men, Dr. Danovich, can help develop the body definition to achieve the same look as if patients were actually spending countless hours at the gym. By using a very small specialized cannula, Dr. Danovich shapes out of the fat that overlies the muscle with high precision and minimal time, tailored to your specific desires and needs. The results are instant and permanent, with proper maintenance and a modified eating lifestyle. There will be no scarring, no down time, and INSTANT results. You need to wear a male compression garment for 2 weeks after the procedure.

Gluteal Enhancement Main Photo
Gluteal Enhancement

The most common method of gluteal enhancement is fat transfer and silicone implants. They are used to make the glutes appear “perkier” and “firmer” to restore and emphasize the male figure.

Gynecomastia Main Photo

For some men the condition is genetic, for other men is may be a side effect of certain medications or drug use. Whatever the cause, it is impossible to correct with diet and exercise, so surgery could be the best option.

The procedure lasts for 90 minutes and requires the removal of excess glandular tissue and skin. Dr. Danovich makes a small incision under your arm or on the edge of the areola to remove the tissue. If necessary, Dr. Danovich will perform liposuction to remove excess fat. The result will be a tightened and contoured chest that will look masculine and natural.

Men Liposculpting Main Photo
Liposculpting for Men

The SD Signature Men’s Way Liposuction Technique is designed to redefine and re-sculpt the ideal athletic male figure by removing an age-related accumulation of the fat from the abdomen, the flanks, and along the chin and neck. "The broad shoulders, chest, flat abdomen, and a narrow hip-thigh look" are ALWAYS going to be in style. We cater to all MEN’S STYLE in a MEN’S WAY!

Pec Enhancement Main Photo
Pec Enhancement NYC

Pectoral Enhancements are most commonly popular with male models and body builders who earn a living off of their physiques. Male pectoral implants are used to create the appearance of greater muscle volume and definition in the chest. Surgery requires general anesthesia and involves a small incision in the armpit. You will be pleased with the structural appearance of your chest and the definition created by the implants immediately after surgery. “Unlike breast implants, these should feel firm to the touch and are designed to mimic the look and feel of your own natural muscles,” Dr. Danovich says. The definition will continue to improve as you heal.


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