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Fibroblast Pen / DermoLift Therapy

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The Fibroblast Pen is a new, state-of-the-art, FDA and CE approved technology used for skin tightening, lifting and regeneration. Also known as Fibroblasting, the stimulation of fibroblasts that rebuild healthy collagen, this innovative treatment is used to address a variety of skin concerns related to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin such as sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

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What areas of the body can be treated with the Plasma Pen?

This non-invasive procedure can be performed successfully on all areas of the face and body, but produce particularly dramatic results in the facial and neck areas including:

upper and lower eyelids, crow’s feet, glabellar frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, marionette lines, jowl/jawline tightening, nasolabial folds, neckline/turkey neck, upper lip lines, lower lip, acne scars, stretchmarks, skin tags, keloids, freckles, age spots.

What Are The Benefits Of The Fibroblast Pen Treatment
The Fibroblast Pen Treatment's Benefits
  • No injectable anesthetic is necessary, only a topical numbing cream is used
  • No incisions or cutting
  • Very low risk with minimal downtime
  • More precise and uniform than ablative resurfacing lasers
  • Long lasting results that may be permanent
  • Cost effective

What Are The Benefits Of The Fibroblast Pen Treatment?

Am I A Good Candidate For The Fibroblast Pen Treatment?

If you are seeking a non-surgical solution to address visible signs of aging, this treatment may be right for you. The treatment works best on light to medium complexions. Because patients with very dark skin have a higher risk of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypo-pigmentation (light spots) following treatment, this procedure is not recommended. It is also contraindicated for pregnant or nursing patients.

How Does The DermoLift Fibroblast Treatment Work?

How Does The DermoLift Fibroblast Treatment Work?

The Fibroblast Pen has a small tipped applicator which emits an electrical discharge. About 1mm above the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed, producing precise arcs of plasma which will be used to create a pinpoint, grid like pattern over the treatment area. This microtrauma will cause the top layers of the skin to contract and tighten. At the same time, heat is transmitted to the deeper levels, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin fibers that diminish with age.

What Is The Downtime After Having A Fibroblast Pen Treatment?

After treatment, you can expect swelling and redness. Swelling will begin to subside around day three and scabs will form. These scabs will begin to flake off around day five. It is very important to not pick or rub these scabs and allow them to fall off on their own. Downtime for the face and neck will average about 8 days and 10 to 14 days for body treatments.

Is The Treatment Painful? Are There Any Risks To The Fibroblast Pen Treatment?

The treatment will be mildly to moderately painful depending on the patients’ tolerance. Numbing cream will be used to decrease discomfort. As it is a non-surgical procedure, the risks are minimal. While swelling will be normal and expected, there is minimal risk of slight bruising, skin discoloration and scarring. It is crucial to find a professionally trained practitioner to perform this procedure to minimize any possible risks.

When Will I See Results Of The Fibroblast Pen Treatment?

Some immediate tightening will be evident. Gradual improvement will occur over a period of 12 weeks. Although one treatment is usually all that is needed, sometimes a second treatment may be required depending on desired results. Results can last approximately three years, but in some cases can be permanent. It is important to remember that aging continues, therefore future treatments may be performed as maintenance.

When Will I See Results Of The Fibroblast Pen Treatment?
The Fibroblast Pen Treatment's Results

What Is The Cost Of A Fibroblast Pen Treatment?

What Is The Cost Of A Fibroblast Pen Treatment?
Fibroblast Pen Treatment's Cost

The cost of the procedure starts at $300. The total price will be based upon the number of areas treated. In many cases, only one session will be needed.

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