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JetPeel™: Touch-Free, Needle-Free Trans-Dermal Skin Infusion Treatment NYC and Great Neck (Long Island)
Main photo for the JetPeel™

JetPeel™ is a revolutionary aesthetic treatment that utilizes jet stream technology delivering micro droplets underneath the dermis providing beautiful skin in 3 easy steps. Lymphatic drainage, Exfoliation and Infusion of Bio Active Nutrients.

Procedure JetPeel™ for men
Procedure JetPeel™
About procedure
What is JetPeel™?

Jet Stream™ technology uses pressurized air which accelerates a jet of micro-droplets with a speed of up to 200m/s reaching a depth of 4.5mm (3/16’) enabling the delivery of moisture, vitamins and nutrients underneath the skin without ever touching it. This needle-free sub dermal therapy increases blood and lymphatic circulation while removing skin debris and exfoliating dead skin cells without causing irritation.

About procedure JetPeel™
Is This Treatment Right for Me?

JetPeel™ treatments are ideal for all skin types and can be used for facial treatments as well as suitable for all areas of the body including the scalp. This procedure treats fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, sun damage, enlarged pores, skin laxity and hair loss.

JetPeel™ is right for man
JetPeel™ is right for me
How is the Procedure Done?
How is JetPeel™ Performed?
How is JetPeel™ performed

Using a unique hand-piece, the practitioner will “scan” your skin and gently “pressure wash it”, hydrating and nourishing the skin. The treatment is painless, and the jet feels cool and soothing while massaging your skin increasing circulation, leaving your skin looking vibrant and younger.

How is JetPeel™ performed for man
How long does recovery take?

JetPeel™ requires NO down-time, the treatment is short and pleasant with zero “skin print” and no irritation or redness.

Recovery for JetPeel™ for woman
How Long Does Recovery Take for JetPeel™
What outcome can a person expect after JetPeel™?
JetPeel™ results

Depending on the protocol and/or desired result*, different formulas of active ingredients are recommended. These formulas are enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to the elasticity, radiance and rejuvenation of the skin.

Active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid – Hydrates, adds volume and plumps skin improving texture

Vitamin A & E – Reinforces the structural tone of the skin reducing wrinkles and fine lines as well as slow down the effects of skin aging

Vitamin B5 – Restores radiance to the skin improving skin hydration and elasticity

Vitamin C - Reduces puffiness and swelling, reinforces the immune system and restores elasticity and promotes collagen production

Glycolic Acid – Eliminates dead cells (bio-peeling) and corrects pigmentary irregularities

​*results may vary from person to person

JetPeel™ outcomes
How much does the treatment cost?
Price of the JetPeel™

The average cost for this treatment starts from $350 depending on infusion of active ingredients, areas treated and amount of treatments performed.

Cost of the JetPeel™
The treatment JetPeel™ cost
What are the alternatives to the JetPeel™?
  • Universal Peel®
  • Intermediate Peel®
  • Vampire Facial®
  • Microneedling
  • Clearlift™ Laser
Alternatives to the JetPeel™ treatment
Alternatives to the JetPeel™ for women
Alternatives to the JetPeel™ for men
Alternatives to the JetPeel™


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