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“Age is just a number. Live your life and don't let aging get you down because with the SD Medical Arts Rejuvenation Model you can stay irresistible for the rest of your life!” – Dr. Svetlana Danovich.

Instant Non-Surgical Facelift in NYC and Great Neck (Long Island)
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The NovaThreads® are needles that are pre-loaded with a PDO thread. Simply insert the whole needle under the skin and pull the needle out. The PDO thread remains under the skin. The idea behind the “Nova-Mesh” is to restore “The Triangle of Youth” by creating the scaffolding to support and lift the tissues and reposition the skin in order to recreate “The Golden Ratio” of the face instantly.

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About the Procedure
What do You Know About NovaThreads®?

It’s a synthetic absorbable surgical sutures that have been used for decades in different surgical specialties. It’s one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body. The skin fully absorbs it within 4 to 6 months and won’t leave with any scar tissue. The foreign body stimulates the collagen synthesis and the skin structure created will hold for the next 12-15 months.

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Why Do I Opt for NovaThreads®?
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NovaThreads® is a great option for men and women who are not quite ready mentally for invasive procedures like a facelift, neck lift, or body contouring, but definitely need some skin tightening intervention with immediately noticeable and naturally appearing results.

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How is the Procedure Done?
How is the Procedure Performed?
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Dr. Danovich simply inserts the pre-loaded needle with a PDO thread sub dermally, parallel to the skin surface to the full length, and then pulls the needle out leaving the thread in the interstitial tissue. This newly innovative technique restores a beautiful “V-Shape” face using Nova-Mesh and Nova-Lyft Technique. Nova-Mesh consists of creating a mesh under the skin using the Smooth or Twist type of threads in order to tighten the sagging skin of the neck, enhance the lip contour, and redefine cheek appearance. Nova-Lyft utilizes the barbed threads such as NovaThread® barb1, barb2, and barb3 to provide an extra grip in order to greatly lift the jaw, cheek, neck, and even buttocks. We have designed different treatment protocols vastly use of NovaThreads® to deliver the best results possible.

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The treatment with NovaThreads® can be done on your lunch break without any interference with our work flow, creating profound skin transformation for a firmer, younger-looking complexion with little to no discomfort during treatment.

You will likely feel some tenderness, mild swelling, and/ or bruising for 48-72 hours after the procedure.







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How Long do I Expect Results to Last From NovaThreads®?
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When NovaThreads® are inserted, your body is boosted to create a new production of collagen and elastin to revitalize the skin and dramatically diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles on contact and, over time for at least 15 months after the treatment. NovaThreads® are inserted, your body is naturally healing around the sutures and creating new collagen and elastin, which helps skin trigger its natural production of collagen and elastin to revitalize the skin and dramatically diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles on contact and, over time for at least 15 months after the treatment.

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How Much Does the Treatment Cost?
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The average cost for NovaThreads® Treatment starts from $1,800 depending on the severity of the condition and the amount of treatments performed.



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What are the Alternatives?

There is no universal treatment that can achieve ideal outcomes in all anatomic sites or in all patients. Often a combination approach may be ideal. Some patients may also benefit from Liquid Face Lift, or Vampire Facelift, or SD Signature Skin Reinvigoration Model in order to create the most natural and classy look. “At SD Medical Arts, we restore a timeless true beauty with Organic Rejuvenation twist!” Svetlana M. Danovich.


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Q: How long does the Thread Lift last?
A: Results can vary from person to person due to differences in skin and body health, age, genetics, and a number of other factors. On average, the results last around 6 months to two years. You can always upkeep the effect of the threads by inserting additional threads every six to 12 months.
Q: Fillers Vs Thread Lift?
A: Most modern thread lifting utilizes absorbable sutures, which have many major benefits. These threads not only lift and support, but provide volume as they go away, creating a lift and fill effect. These modern thread lifts can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to give a complete and precise rejuvenation of your face.
Q: Can Thread Lift tighten the skin under the eyes?
A: Yes, it will help with tightening skin around the eyes through the formation of fibrous tissue around the threads and by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.
Q: Thread Lift as an alternative to Full Facelift
A: When we talk about Surgical Face Lift/Neck Lift vs a minimally invasive alternative such as Threads Lift, it is always about patient selection. If you have moderate to severe sagging, you should consider the surgical intervention. However, if you have mild sagging of the areas, you may be a good candidate for minimally invasive alternatives such as – the Nova Threads Lift procedure which involves no cutting, surgery, or general anesthesia.
Q: How can the Thread lift threads be removed?
A: Threads are very tiny and cannot be removed immediately, but they dissolve over the next 6 months leaving no residual material present.


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