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O-Shot® / Orgasm Shot®

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“Sexual energy is a very big part of a healthy life – it enhances your creativity and performance from the bedroom to the boardroom.” – Svetlana Danovich MD.

Effective Non-Invasive Female Orgasm System Rejuvenation NYC and Great Neck (Long Island)
Orgasm Shot Procedure

More than 30-40% of women have sexual problems. It can make it difficult to establish relationships, more difficult to hold families together, and can result in depression and loss of energy for life in general. The reason women still suffer is that there’s nothing that’s been proven to be helpful to women with sexual problems, EXCEPT using platelet-derived growth factors (O-SHOT® / ORGASM SHOT®) to stimulate unipotent stem cells in order to rejuvenate the Female Orgasm System. This is a non-invasive way to stimulate vaginal rejuvenation by using the growth factors derived from your own blood. Therefore, almost all women receiving the O-Shot® procedure can enjoy a dramatic increase in their sexual response by activating the Female Orgasm System.

Orgasm Shot Procedure for Women
Orgasm Shot Procedure Diliimiter
About the Procedure
What is the O-Shot® / Orgasm Shot®?

The PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) releases at least 7 different growth factors which trigger the unipotent stem cells to grow younger tissue. By injecting the PRP into an area called the “O-Shot® – a collection of structure”, we activate the orgasm system. Women usually feel the effects of the O-Shot® instantaneously due to the growth factors influence to rejuvenate and enhance the sexual response.

About the Orgasm Shot
How is the Procedure Done?
How is the O-Shot® / Orgasm Shot® Performed?
How is the Orgasm Shot Done

To obtain the best results possible, our O-SHOT® / ORGASM SHOT® multistep model includes the following steps:


The process starts with a detailed medical history, clinical examination and laboratory tests in order to delineate a proper and personalized treatment plan designed to achieve successful results.


Patients start taking supplements before the O-SHOT® / ORGASM SHOT® Procedure.


Our proprietary numbing cream is applied to the vagina and the arm.


For the preparation of PRP, RegenKit (Regenlab®) is used. The blood is collected into two tubes (RegenBCT) and centrifuged for 5-10 min to separate and concentrate the platelet rich plasma about 6-10 ml of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).


Using a tiny needle, the PRP-growth factor’s cocktail is injected into the clitoris and the roof of your vagina to achieve the ultimate sexual response without any pain or discomfort.

How is the Orgasm Shot Done for Women
How Long Does Recovery Take?

Most patients can return to work immediately after the treatment. Minimal discomfort may occur after a few hours. Patients may experience swelling, bruising, itching and/or possible burning in the treatment area. A follow-up appointment will be necessary to monitor progress.

Orgasm Shot Recovery
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What Outcome Can a Person Expect After the O-Shot® / Orgasm Shot®?
Orgasm Shot Results

Although each woman’s results* can be different, after having the O-SHOT® / ORGASM SHOT®, our patients have experienced more pronounced arousal, a tighter introitus (vaginal opening), stronger and more frequent orgasm, increased sexual desire, decreased dyspareunia (painful intercourse), increased natural lubrication and/or significantly decreased urinary incontinence.

​*results may vary from person to person

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How Much Does the Treatment Cost?
How Much Does the Orgasm Shot Cost

The cost for O-SHOT® / ORGASM SHOT® starts from $2,800 and includes 2 sessions. Also, price depends on the severity of the condition and the amount of treatments performed.

How Much Does the Orgasm Shot Cost for Women
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What are the Alternatives to O-Shot® / Orgasm Shot®?

FEMILIFT™ – for a better feminine life.

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Alternatives for Orgasm Shot
Alternatives for Orgasm Shot for Women
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Q: What are the benefits of the O Shot®?

A: – Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation.
– Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina).
– A tighter introitus (vaginal opening).
– Increased arousal from G-Shot® stimulation.
– Pinker, younger, color of the vulva.
– Stronger orgasm.
– More frequent orgasm.
– Increased sexual desire.
– Increased ability to have a “vaginal orgasm“.
– Decreased pain for those with dysparunia.
– Increased natural lubrication.
– Decreased urinary incontinence (the original use of injections in this area).

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: The O Shot® is a very safe procedure in general. There are complications associated with any procedure involving a needle such as bruising, swelling, possible hematoma.

Q: How does the O Shot® differ from the G-Shot®?

A: The G-Shot® uses hyaluronic acid injected directly into the area of the G-Spot to enhance orgasms by making it easier to hit that enlarged G-Spot during intercourse.
The O Shot® uses PRP (platelet rich plasma), which is derived from the patients’ blood to stimulate collagen production and restore tissue to a more youthful state. With the O Shot®, the PRP is injected into the clitoris and the anterior wall of the vagina. There can be some benefit for incontinence, lubrication, and sensation with this procedure, however I strongly feel there are better options for this.

Q: Is it painful?

A: The procedure is actually completely painless using our proprietary topical numbing cream.

Q: When can I resume intercourse?

A: You can resume sexual intercourse immediately after the procedure.

Q: How long do the positive effects of the O Shot® last?

A: The effects last for about a year, and can genuinely improve your sexual function for up to 6-9 months or longer, but will vary.


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