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Whole Body Organic Rejuvenation
Meet Dr. Danovich: a Top Cosmetic Surgeon in New York City and Long Island
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Dr. Svetlana Danovich Combining the Science of Medicine with an Artistic Touch
Dr. Svetlana Danovich – Top Cosmetic Surgeon of New York City & Long Island
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Dr. Svetlana Danovich – Top Cosmetic Surgeon of New York City & Long Island

Dr. Svetlana Danovich is one of the few female cosmetic surgeons in New York City and Long Island. She has a very unique approach in the field of cosmetic surgical artistry, with a deep understanding of the human body as well as aesthetics. Dr. Danovich is on the cutting edge of her industry and specializes in Whole Body Rejuvenation. 25A magazine caught up with Dr. Danovich in her Great Neck office, to gain insight into how she is making a significant impact in the lives of her clients.

25A: Tell me about what you specialize in and why is it so important to your clients?
Dr. Danovich: I specialize in Whole Body Rejuvenation. We need to emphasize that every single part of the body is important – the face, body, hands and sexual organs also. I always make time to talk with my patients, not only about the face, but I talk to them in general. In 90% of the time my patients will tell me about something else that is bothering them, for example they may not have any sexual drive; this applies to both men and women. I came up with this idea; we need to look at our patients as a whole. I get so much gratification when they tell me how I have changed their life. If you only rejuvenate your face it will not be in proportion to the rest of your body. After 55 years old, the best compliment a woman can accept is being called “sexy” over “beautiful”. If you talk to a 20 year old woman they will always prefer “beautiful”. After 45 years old, we start to care more about quality.

25A: What kind of people are coming to you for consultation and services?
Dr. Danovich: The youngest female clients I have are 35 years old. The 20 year olds are more interested in breast and butt augmentation, something that they are deficient in. After 35 years old, my clients are looking to prevent the aging process with procedures such as Botox that will fill in light wrinkles and/or plump lips. I also truly believe in customizing services and procedures to any age group above 45 years old- I will sit down with my clients and figure out what will be the most beneficial work for the particular age group.

25A: When did you know that you wanted to become a doctor?
Dr. Danovich: I am the 6th generation of surgeons. My father was a reconstructive plastic surgeon. From studying all those years in medical school, I knew I wanted to be a surgeon. I was always interested in cardiac surgery. I paid attention to scars, how to dress wounds: the finer details. I gained a true perspective on the aesthetics of the procedures.

25A: How do you set yourself apart from every other cosmetic surgeon?
Dr. Danovich: I deal in organic renovation. I don’t think that many other surgeons take the approach that I do. I use platelet rich plasma, which is derived from your own blood. The growth factors contain natural multi-potent stem cells which activate the production of new collagen, fatty tissue and blood vessels to rejuvenate your skin, making it the solution for a non-surgical facelift. It can also be injected into the vagina – what we call the “O Shot” – a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors that stimulate stem cells to grow healthier vaginal tissue. There is a very high demand for this as you can imagine.

25A: Tell me about the golden ratio and how does your work reflect this principle?
Dr. Danovich: I believe that everything should be balanced. If you look at your face, both sides are never the same; the same goes for our body. The beauty is in our asymmetry. My goal is to restore what you already have and I will never intrude on your natural beauty. You have to have a sense of beauty and taste. Every perception of beauty is different. As a female surgeon, I listen to my clients. I dedicate one hour for consultation so I can understand what they are looking for. There is a lot of psychology involved; a lot of work and time. I believe in building long time quality relationships.

25A: Tell me about the Vampire Facelift and how it is changing lives.
Dr. Danovich: This procedure is used to improve the quality of skin and to stimulate the production of collagen. Through the optimization process it essentially prevents aging and produces a much better quality of skin. The Vampire Facelift is the organic version of the conventional facelift, because it utilizes the nutrients of your own platelet rich plasma derived from your very own blood. Botox can only target certain areas and it is not a long term solution. This procedure provides longevity and one can see improvement right away and over time. Your skin will start to look better with an enhanced color and texture. I won’t ever give you what you don’t need. I believe in precise solutions and minimal involvement with maximum results.

25A: Where do you see the trends of cosmetic surgery going?
Dr. Danovich: I see the trends leaning towards more precise and quick procedures. It is also about taking preventative measures. There will be more use of laser machines which will ultimately prevent us from facelifts or surgery. With the hectic lifestyles that we lead, quick recovery and calculated results are fundamental. Again, my concept is all about organic whole body rejuvenation – I am on the cutting edge of my industry and am very excited about what the future holds for cosmetic surgery.

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