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Based on new techniques and technologies, unique researches and truly progressive ideas, proved theirselves on practice, payed highly attention to thousands of opinions and offers, SD Medical Arts is the perfect expression of the body rejuvenation's concept. Analysis of the concept's advantages with the range of successful effects for men and women, SD Medical Arts exploring new science and beauty's aspects for best results. All about our clients' reviews with the range of opinions, gratitudes and suggestions could be found here. If you wish to leave a testimonial please complete the form so it will allow to take a closer look at the details.

July 01, 2017 by Anonymous
What I especially love about Dr. Danovich's work?
What I especially love about Dr. Danovich's work is how creative she is. She is always thinking outside the box, utilizing combinations of the most advanced techniques to fulfill the vision of her patients. There is nothing "cookie cutter" about her!